My Public Silence

We need to be more like Paul, someone who lived a life knowing what life God saved him from, and quite frankly, I think we forget at times what God saved us from. We sure act like it anyways.

When did we become so passive? When did we become a group of people that would not step-up and be involved of what is going on in our society? Better yet, when did I become that person?

We have youth walking out of school petitioning on behalf of what should be adult matters. We have people preaching hate across our country. We have a rise in abortions and violence at such a rising rate because no one is taught the quality of life. All in all, we have God being removed more and more from our lives on a daily basis. You have heard it, and I know you have seen it on your social media sites. Some share and some stay silent. Maybe, part of our problem, is that we are silent all too much.

Now, I know, you all share what you are passionate about on Facebook and Twitter, but what impact has that made to your world? What difference is that making in our society? So, yes, I will say we are silent, and yes, I made sure to include myself there as well as I am just as guilty. We have become a group of people that are more talk than walk. We run our fingers more on our keyboard than we do actually helping anyone.

If I am honest, I would tell you that I am terrified of what the world will be like when my children are grown. I am worried about what kind of leaders we are raising. When my four year old has to practice drills in case of a situation at his primary school, I am more than concerned and quite frankly, I am scared to death of what kind of world we are leaving for our children, and it is all boils down to us. We are the cause of this chaos.  Mind you, this is coming from someone who does Bible studies with her children, someone who prays with them every night and before dinners, someone who has taught them that Jesus loves them more than anyone. Who teaches them to love people even when they do not love back and that people are more important than anything, because that is what God says. It does not, though, excuse the fact that they are faced with a world of such hatred, and it is getting worse at such a pace that I am not even sure where to start with helping, so I am going to start here…with me and with you who are willing to read this.

We HAVE to teach our children that God is love and love comes with no limits, but more than that, I have to live a life that reflects that or it does not matter what I teach my children. If we are not love, then we do not love. If we are not the difference that the world needs to see, then we are not portraying the love that has been bestowed upon us. We need to remember that God did not give us what we deserve, and we are in no position to not give that same grace to the next person.


“For God saved us and called us to live a holy life. He did this, not because we deserved it, but because that was his plan from before the beginning of time- to show us his grace through Jesus Christ.”                2 Timothy 1:9


So, where to start? I am such a mess myself how do I make that difference? You see the thing we fail to remember is that we are a work in progress. God did not call those who were perfect to do His work, he called the broken and the some of the most jacked up people you could imagine, including me. You see, I too am a work in progress just like everyone else, and so are you. So you start where you are. You read, you pray, but you have to be involved. You have no idea the impact of your life can make on another. We have to remember that everyone around us as well is in the process, and not everyone is on the same lap of this race that you are on.


“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” Philippians 1:6


We have become too silent to the matters that are going on around us. We have left it for someone else to decide and work out, but that is not what we were created for. Paul did not write all of those letters to the churches and travel every moment he was outside of the jail cell so the people could just figure it out on their own. No, he wrote them to teach them and guide them. He wrote to invest in the people who needed God’s hand on their lives.

We need to be more like Paul, someone who lived a life knowing what life God saved him from, and quite frankly, I think we forget at times what God saved us from. We sure act like it anyways.


“You are the light of the world- like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14


We have so many kids who do not have a loving home or the support they need. We are surrounded by a hurting people. So why are we, the Christians who are to be “the light” not reaching out to these people? I know, I am busy as well, but am I really busy with important things- like people’s lives? No, I am not. I am busy running from ball practice to dinner time to bath time, to work, to Walmart to pick up that last minute request from the school. Yes, being a mother, wife, and friend are all important, but so are the lives of others around us…in fact, people are the most important thing.

We need to be investing more time in people and less time in things. Jesus did not run around doing things…I do remember him going fishing a couple of times, but no, his time was spent with people and meeting their needs. We need to be involved in more than just our community’s special events, PTO meetings, etc. We need to be meeting people on their level and one on one.

You know, Jesus once met a lady on her level, at a well; she was Samaritan, had been married 5 times and was living with another guy. (It’s in John 4 if you need a refresher). In his time it was unorthodox for him to even speak to that woman because she was from a sinful race, but He did it…and it changed her life. Now I do not know if she in turn changed the lives of others around her, but Jesus knew that even changing her life was more important than the Jewish laws at that time. So why do we not value just that one person’s life the same way that Jesus did? He sure knew it was of the utmost importance at that moment.

We need to be out in the community, inviting them to church, showing God’s love in all that we do, having an open door policy with them should they need it. We need to love on them where they are. That is what they are crying out for. Their willingness to hurt people is only a reflection of how they view the pain they have felt, and they blame God for the hurt. When in reality, if they saw God in us the way that He wants to be displayed then some would come to know His love as well. No, they will not all come and yes, many will continue to hate God and hate us, Bible says it and I believe it, but I will say it again, that “Samaritan person” living in your city is just as important to God as the multitude.

I am not going to say shame on the kids who walked out on March 14th. I am going to say shame on the adults who have not helped to shape these children or be the examples to these children. I am not going to say shame on the people marching for what they feel is their right; I am going to say shame to those of us who have not showed love to our neighbors. Do I agree with them, no, but I know God loves them and calls me to do the same thing. I know, if I want my world to be turned back towards Him then it has to start with me; and, I know God can use the most broken thing and make something beautiful out it, including me and you…and that person that you feel is not worthy of your time or love. The world is reachable, but we have to reach out to them, but it is going to require more than us just hitting the Share button. It will require me to be the difference. It will require me to be active. It will require me owning up to my failures and showing my scars. It will require for me to be the hands and feet of Jesus like I should have been all along.

So tonight, my prayer for me and for you is that instead of us just praying for God to intervene that we will we ask how He would like us to intervene? I cannot remain silent any longer- for my child or for yours.  It has to go beyond these keystrokes.


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