Hi!  My name is Skyye Barker…mother, wifey, God loving southern girl!  I am also a Coding Manger at a local hospital who enjoys photography when my time allows.

I have two beautiful children and one of the best husbands that God ever put on the market.

I started photography on a need basis in 2005 for friends and family. I continued to do this while I finished my Business degree at Harding and worked on my (every day) business career. At one point (years ago) I thought I would make a business out of it, and I got burned out but after having my own children, I have again found my love for photography. I love being able to capture those precious moments of my own kiddos, so I try to share that with you all. I LOVE that I get to capture similar  moments of your family, and getting to meet some pretty cool people from our community. (Again, working Momma here with two kids. :))

Aside from my daily life as mommy, wifey, boss, employee, photographer, citizen, and whatever other category you could put me in…I enjoy traveling to new places, learning about history, camping, and crafting. My dream vacations will (yes, I will do this one day) be to Ireland, Italy, Austria, and New Zealand.

I think that is probably more than enough information on me, but if you have any questions feel free to fire away! God Bless!